stress reduction workbook for teens

The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens (secondary age)

Quick Overview

Mindfulness Skills to Help you Deal with Stress

First, the bad news: your teenage years are some of the most stressful of your life. Up to 70 percent of teens say they’re stressed out, and with pressure about grades at school, parents who just don’t seem to get it, and friends who drive you crazy, it’s no wonder. Here’s the good news! If you learn a few strategies for getting stress under control now, you’ll have the skills you need to deal with problems and difficult feelings that life sends your way in high school and beyond.

Health Professional Review

Health Professional Reviewer: Dr Maria Crawford, Clinical Psychologist. Reviewed February 2014.

Book Title: The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness Skills to Help You Deal with Stress.

Author(s): Gina Biegel is a psychotherapist who teaches mindfulness based exercises throughout the world. In addition to the current workbook being reviewed, she has published several journal articles, and produced a CD for teenagers with mindfulness based exercises. She modified the mindfulness-based stress reduction program to increase its adaptability to adolescents. She is actively involved in ongoing research related to mindfulness in youth populations and is the Director of Research for Mindful Schools and Director of Research for the Mindful Community.

Date published: 2009

Suitable for: Adolescents

Problems addressed: Stress

Book Summary: This workbook provides useful psychoeducation about stress in young people, including the various ways that stress is experienced and typical sources of stress in adolescence. A multitude of helpful mindfulness based exercises are also provided. Following each exercise, there are a series of questions that prompt self-reflection and in doing so reinforce the skills taught.


  • This book is easy to read
  • The chapters are brief and arranged in an easy to follow format
  • The exercises themselves are simple to follow and developmentally appropriate


  • This workbook would benefit from the inclusion of more information about what mindfulness is and suggestions for further reading


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