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Quick Overview

My QuitBuddy is an app personalised to help you quit smoking, on your terms.

Using My QuitBuddy you can choose when to quit. You can choose if you're ready to quit right now, or intend to quit smoking soon.

The app is Australian made so for New Zealand phone based support call Quitline on 0800 778 778 or visit

Download from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for android.

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Health Professional Review

Health Professional Reviewer: Debby Newtown, Smokefree Coordinator, Southern District Health Board.

Date reviewed: 26 January 2017

App Title: My Quit Buddy

Version and platform: Version 2.3 FREE on Android

Suitable for: People who want to stop smoking

Level: Basic

Evidence-based? Yes – the health information given is evidence based.

The app was simple and quick to download. Easy to set up. You are asked to state the number of cigarettes smoked, for how long and your goal. For the first three weeks I was receiving a daily notification that would advise me (when I went into the app) how many days I had remained smokefree, money saved, comments about health improvement. There are helpful “distractions” available should cravings occur (games, motivational messaging, suggestions of what to do). You can also link in with a community of people who are stopping smoking and leave messages, and reply to others’ messages. From the app you can call Quitline (not NZ Quitline) or a buddy. There is a reminder available to remind you of how well you are doing, your goal etc. You can also see how much money you have saved, how many milligrams of tar avoided, number of cigarettes not smoked, and how many dangerous chemicals avoided. Photos can be uploaded, you can get into your contacts through the app should you want to call someone and record a message for yourself or get someone to record one for you as motivation. You can personalise the app with a photo of yourself.

•This version of the app is free
•Very easy to use and move around through the app
•The Distraction cards are good, especially the short games available. Just enough I would imagine that would help someone get through that period of time when a craving hits.
•Can get to your contacts on your phone through the app, so able to call your stop smoking coach or support people when needed
•Can set a ‘danger time’ when you think you might slip up (eg first thing in the morning) and you receive a message at that time to stay strong
•Includes facts about smoking e.g. Understanding addiction; cancer causing chemicals, toxic chemicals, impacts on health – in simple English
•Includes information on the impact of smoking on your health – again in simple English
•Includes 23 good stop smoking tips
•The app Demo shows you how to navigate around the app.
•Able to share how you are going on Facebook or email your progress to others (this could include your stop smoking coach)

•It links to a Quitline in Australia
•I initially received a daily notification for about the first three weeks but this stopped (unsure if that was user error??)

In what context would you use the app, or in what context would you recommend members of the public to use the app?
This app could be very useful for people wanting to make a stop smoking attempt. It would sit really well alongside support from a stop smoking coach (who is generally seen on a weekly basis). Provides another layer of support and if used could motivate people to remain smokefree. For those not working with a coach the app could provide some good support if used fully.

Are there any specific sections you would recommend?
People stop smoking for different reasons so the app has a variety of sections that different people could find helpful, e.g.: “Distract Me”, “Back me up”, “My goals”, Days smokefree, money saved.


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