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Hello Sunday Morning or Day Break

Quick Overview

Tired of waking up with a hangover?

Don't let the day get away. The Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) or Day Break app helps you set simple, achievable weekly challenges to help reset your drinking habits.

Choose challenges to complete and then spend just two minutes each Sunday morning checking-in with your progress. Ever sung karaoke completely sober? Need some tips on how to unwind after work without alcohol? Have a boozy wedding coming up?

The HSM app is ideal for social drinkers who are looking for quick and easy ways to cut back on their drinking and challenge their relationship with alcohol – one Sunday at a time.

Supported by the Australian Government (Department of Health), VicHealth, Vodafone Foundation and nib foundation.

Download Hello Sunday morning for iOS devices here.

Download Day Break for android devices here

Please note that this app is free for a two week trial and then $59.99 AUS annual fee. Check out Drink Smart for a free app: http://www.booksonprescription.co.nz/product/drink-smart/

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Health Professional Review

Health Professional Reviewer: Roxy Bretton – Social worker and AOD and mental health clinician for Adventure Development Counselling.

Date reviewed: 30th January 2017

App Title: Day Break (for Android, this is the one I reviewed) or Hello Sunday Morning on iPhone.

Purpose of app: To support people with their goals around reducing alcohol use, with information, ideas, encouragement and a co-ordinated online community.

Author(s): www.hellosundaymorning.org.

Version and platform: 1.2.1

Cost: Free two week trial and then $59.99 AUS annual fee.

Suitable for: Available for ages 12 plus with adult supervision, however the online community appears to consist of mostly working adults or parents. It could be made to be more youth friendly.

Level: Basic to intermediate

Evidence-based? Supported by the Australian Government (Department of Health), VicHealth, Vodafone Foundation and nib foundation.

Day Break provides an active and moderated online community to support people to make changes around their alcohol use and their relationship with alcohol. After initially answering questions around your reasons for looking at the app, your personal details and setting some personalised goals (from reducing social drinking through to being AF – alcohol free) the app leads you to a discussion board where users can post comments about their progress, struggles and so forth. It is a happily busy page where most comments receive replies or symbols of support. I received an encouraging email before the weekend to remind me of the goals I had set and the support of the online community. The email asked me to consider my plans for the weekend (an often challenging time with pressure to get on board with drinking) and gave some helpful tips around breaking down my goals for the weekend. For day to day and consistent support, this app is a winner…however the user would need to be prepared to pay for ongoing support.

Strengths and weaknesses:
The app starts with a range of personal questions which although may seem intrusive at first, do work to provide a tailor-made approach to the programme. For example, if the user identifies that they have partner then they can choose goals around alcohol free ‘date nights’, or if they have children then a goal may be suggested around spending active Sunday mornings with the family.

The discussion board is easy to navigate and use. It is bright and encouraging. The therapeutic value of the active online community speaks for itself with people speaking with honesty and with great support to one another. The shared experiences bond the group together and people are not shamed for admitting relapse or struggles.

In the top left corner of the discussion board you can access your profile, support from a coach or more information (e.g alcohol helpline’s number). These are helpful add- ons however I did find them difficult to find from my phone.

A weakness would be that there is a fee for ongoing use of this app. I feel concerned about people feeling connected with the community and then not being able to access it after two weeks if they cannot afford to.

In what context would you use the media, or in what context would you recommend members of the public to use the media?

This app is aimed at a motivated person who wants to and is ready to make changes around their alcohol use and their relationship with alcohol. A person contemplating making changes may feel encouraged by the discussion board, and ideas, however may struggle with the initial questioning /assessment around goal setting.

Are there any specific sections you would recommend?
Utilising the discussion board, and remembering to check for emails and/or notifications.


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