• Don’t let your emotions run your life for teens (secondary age)

    Emotions - Young People

    This self-help book is suitable for teenagers of any age (and adults) regarding learning self-awareness, managing emotions, improving moods and healthy relationships. The author explores what is, and how do teenagers manage emotions by using, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills – in a language that teenage readers can understand. Simple yet useful explanations, self-assessments, examples and strategies are provided that can be tried in everyday situations. If a teenager you know is struggling to find a peaceful connection with their self and their emotions, this book may provide them with an easy to use approach to finding inner calm during difficult times.

    The format, style and font used makes this book easy to read and understand, and is written in a way that readers can spend time practising the content of each paragraph before moving on. Examples used are relatable, and the paragraphs can be read in any order. While this book can be used by any teenager, those under the age of 15 may benefit from having someone they trust working through sections with them.

  • Stuff that sucks: Accepting what you can’t change and committing to what you can (secondary age)

    Emotions - Young People

    This short book helps readers manage their emotions and thoughts, and achieves what the title claims. Ideas presented are based on the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) model. It outlines stuff that sucks and provides an understanding of painful emotions and thoughts, and explores areas of life that contribute to these experiences – recognising the things readers can’t change but directing attention to the things the reader can. Suggestions on techniques to try are provided, and an openness to trying things until finding the ones that work are encouraged. The reader is also encouraged to connect with what they value, and through accepting thoughts and emotions they are experiencing instead of struggling with them. This allows readers to recognise that this will give them more energy to be doing the other stuff that matters to them in life.

    Stuff That Sucks is easy to understand and uses age appropriate language.  The chapters flow and build nicely on each other, with illustrations creatively spaced throughout the text. Self-help tools provide both educational information and ideas on techniques to try, are evidence-based and reflect the author’s experience of their effectiveness when working with young people.

  • Visiting Feelings (primary age)

    Emotions - Young People

    This hardcover book is a beautifully illustrated children`s book that looks at children`s feelings, and explores how they can be welcomed in. It allows children to fully experience the present moment and accept their feelings using awareness and mindfulness. Visiting Feelings is easy to read and takes children on a safe mindfulness journey.

    Also included is a note to parents section that provides more information about emotional awareness and mindfulness. This includes practical advice and activities for introducing mindfulness into daily family routines, and helpful guidance when dealing with childhood stress and anxiety.

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